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Cop handcuffs guy in cottage.
Anonymous sex in darkness.
Policeman cottage sex By Luke Preston

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PC Grey was desperate for a piss and was grateful that he could take one while still watching from the toilet window. He unzipped his fly and spread his legs so that he would not splash his shoes. He had counted twenty cars pass by during the evening but after the two students no one had walked past. He could see the light from the squad car dimly in the distance and envied his colleagues who were at least warm, even if they were probably as bored as he was, waiting to catch a killer on the prowl.

Jez had only hoped to find his friend there. Everything else had happened so quickly that he didn’t know what to do. His cock was small and shrivelled in the cold and someone had him cuffed and held. He started to panic. He knew he was about to die and he started to cry. But then the truncheon around his neck was moving, rolling over his jacket and down to where his balls were screwed up tight between his legs. He’d only wanted to earn his twenty pounds, he didn’t want this. The hard stick was probing around his cock now, pulling it up and letting it go and although he was scared the sensation was making his small dick grow longer. The truncheon was playing over his balls and he knew that with one stab from it he would be crippled and helpless with pain. He felt a heavy cock pressing against his backside and could feel the tip near his fingers as his hands were locked and helpless in the cuffs behind his back. The only thing he could think of to do was to grab for it, appease the man, play along, perhaps then he would let him go. He pressed his buttocks back into the other man and grappled for the cock with his fingertips. The pink tip came through the hole, circumcised and glistening and, after a moment’s manipulation his cute ball sack was through, framed by the wall, just lying there waiting for me. I lent forward, breathed in the scent of his groin and blew gently on the tip of his penis. It twitched, I licked the pre-cum with my tongue and it twitched again. Slowly I ran my tongue along the shaft until it played around his short hairs, then back along underneath until the rim of his tip rested on my bottom teeth. I closed my lips carefully around it, formed them into a circle and held him there while my tongue darted and jabbed at his cock head. Within seconds he was fully hard. I slid him in so very slowly, savouring the smoothness, the feel of his warm flesh against my lips, until my nose was into his bush and my head was against the wall. I sucked and then slid back, my tongue pressed firmly against the underside of the youthful meat. Again I rested his head on my teeth and sucked in the juice that was starting to escape.